Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Identifying Chaos Areas

Well, it is 2013 and as I consider the past couple of years, one thing has become very clear to me: every area of my life has become embedded in complete and utter CHAOS!  For about three or four years now my husband and I have been taking turns working while the other goes to school.  Finally we both have degrees! Hooray! While it was great that we were working together to make sure we could both attain our educational goals with as little student loan debt as possible, a lot of things have fallen apart.  Now that I have graduated with my occupational therapy assistant degree and will be working within a month or two, I will finally be able to set about bringing a little ORDER back into my life!  This blog will be a motivator, idea generator, and log of my failures and (hopefully) successes. 

Now, as I said, pretty much every area of my life has succumbed to chaos and needs to be rescued.  My biggest concerns/goals are:

Cleaning – I’ve never been an amazing housekeeper, but the house is really in shambles from so much neglect! I want to create a workable cleaning schedule that will not take up my entire life, but won’t leave me afraid to answer the door.

Exercise – Yeah, so, I haven’t exercised regularly in…too long. I’ll have to experiment a little to see what works!

Meal planning – I used to do this, but haven’t in forever, and my grocery receipts definitely reflect a difference!

Clothing – I want to stop living out of laundry baskets! My husband and I live in a small house with one closet (and it’s mostly full of non-clothing items) and we share one dresser (because two just didn’t fit in the bedroom).  Too make matters worse, I own a LOT of clothes – some I wear, some I don’t.  I need to go through them and pick out things the things that are most versatile, fit well, and of good quality.

Bookshelves – I love books! I have three shelves completely full of books, plus boxes and a couple baskets and various piles all over the house! I really should go through them and see which ones I can pass on to some other book-lover and get them all on a shelf somehow.

Projects – I often come across DIY projects or crafts that I want to try. I want to actually make time for them!

Relationships – I’ve barely been around for the past 4 months, so I want to spend some good quality time with my husband!  Finding something to do together that’s more creative than sitting at home watching a movie sounds amazing!  And I want to spend more time with the rest of my family as well, plus catch up with my friends.

I’m sure my journey will have several peaks and valleys, but I hope you enjoy watching me as I work on bringing order into the chaos of my life!

So, enough about me! What are your goals for the New Year?

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